Parent Tips

Do not include junk food in your grocery list

If you want to keep your children away from junk food, make sure you do not purchase them and bring back home. Stuff like chips, cookies, Soda drinks, candy, etc. are dangerous from kids so, there should be no place for them at your place. This initiative will send a clear message to the kids about junk foods.

Healthy and natural food should be a part of your kitchen

If you think that it’s enough to avoid purchasing junk food, you are wrong! You also need your children to have easy access to all types of healthy meals and snacks!  Your fridge and counter should be full of fruits and vegetables. You can also stock the pantry with nuts, seeds, dried fruits or homemade granolas. The idea is to keep them full, so they don’t have any cravings for junk food.

Limit Your Television Time

Studies have revealed that the kids get influence from television a lot and the junk food advertisements attract them. Thus, if you limit their television time, it gives to make a positive impact on their desire for food. The demand for new candy flavour, sugary drinks, chips, etc. will minimise, and you can divert them towards healthy eating.

Eat together like a family

Studies and surveys have revealed that children of those families who eat together have a healthier diet than those kids who eat alone. The reason is when the children watch other members of the family, parent, in particular, are following a healthy diet, they are most like to get influence and do the same.

Involve them in Grocery shopping

This is another smart way to make them follow a healthy diet. Take to kids with you while you go for grocery shopping and let them spent some time in the fruits and vegetable section. Discuss with them about healthy dishes and take their suggestions. This will also help you to detach them from the junk food.

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