Effects of Junk Food

Junk food can cause obesity

Junk food can make you feel satisfied and full, but they don’t have the vital nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. Your body requires these nutrients to covert the healthy fat into energy. If you make it a habit to eat only junk food, you are most likely to feel low in energy all the time. This will make you live a sedentary lifestyle and ultimately suffer from obesity.

Junks food can be a reason behind depression

Several hormonal changes happen in teenagers that causes mood swings and other significant behavioural changes. Here, a healthy diet plays a crucial role in maintaining balance. Studies have found that when teenagers don’t get those essential nutrients because of junk food, the chances to suffer from depression increased by 58%.

It causes digestion problem

People those who are dependent on fatty junk food are most likely to experience digestion problems such as IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome and GERD – Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. The reason is simple! We all know that junk food is deep fried but did you know that the oil from such food deposited in the stomach and that causes acidity. They lack fibre that is essential for proper digestion.

It can affect the kidneys

The reason why most of the people can never control the consumption of fries and chips is that they have an ample amount of finely processed salt, which escalates the salivation and secretion of enzymes. And this, in turn, increases your cravings. Sodium from salt and bad fats in excess and increase the blood pressure, and that affects your kidneys.

It can make you a type 2 diabetic patient

When you follow a healthy diet, the body gets a stable supply of a sufficient amount of glucose. This helps to maintain insulin sensitivity in the body. However, when you don’t follow a healthy diet and only eat junk food, you put excessive stress on your metabolism and can negatively affect the ability of the body, which cannot use the insulin properly.

It increases your risk of cancer

Health experts believe that the consumption of fast foods that are loaded with added sugar and fat are most likely to increase the chances of developing colorectal cancer. Studies have revealed men who eat fried foods more than thrice in a month, increase the risk of developing prostate cancer.

Show Them the Real Picture

Following yourself a healthy diet and convincing them to eat the same is not the complete way to keep the junk foods away from their life. Educate them about the side-effect of such food. Understand their curiosity and show them the ugly reality of junk foods.

Keep Healthy Foods Handy

When your kids are hungry, it is essential to have some healthy food at some easy-to-reach place. That’s is how they will start eating healthy food. And if they are full, they will not have a craving for any junk food.

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