Cheese-loaded pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, French fries, cold drinks, etc all are categorised as junk food. These are highly processed food items that are low in vitamins, protiens and other nutrients. Of course, kids from young age get indulged in junk food, but consuming them in excessive can lead to various…

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This has been proved that junk food can lead to health hazards in children. Eating junk food, sugary food items and canned items can cause obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, skin allergies and other problems. It has become the necessity to develop healthy eating habits in Australian children. This is important…

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Nothing is more challenging than encouraging kids to eat healthy food. Keeping your young ones deprived from their favourite junk food can lead to various mental health problems. Being a responsible parent, you need to handle t he situation patiently and focus on thinking something out of the box. Instead…

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