About Us

Started in the year 2012, Fat Free TV is an excellent initiative taken by Mark Benson and Allan Parker.

Our primary objective is to educate our children and their parents about the reality of junk foods and how they makes them unhealthy. We show them a clear picture of unhealthy junk food marketing! Fat Free TV is an excellent medium that provides information, alternatives and solutions to junk food and marketing of such food. By sharing your concerns about the marketing of such foods and complaining, you can make a real difference in saving children and helping a family to make better food choices.

We have a team of highly–qualified volunteers who understand their responsibility towards society and believe that children are the future of this country, thus they should be fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. And with this purpose, we conduct various seminars in schools, colleges and other social gatherings across the nation.

Our Contribution

Fat Free TV is making tireless efforts to see Australia a healthy country that is free from junk foods.

We want our children to be healthy in every possible manner. Around one-quarter of Australian children and adolescents are either overweight or obese. Repeated marketing of junk foods affects the food preferences of the kids.

They ask their parents to purchase it and ultimately consume it. This is where we are making a difference. To be precise, we are concentrating on four segments.

Educating the Children

We organise seminars in schools and colleges across Australia to teach the children about the harsh reality of junk foods.

Educating the Parent

Our volunteers also talk the parents and provide information, solutions and alternatives to junk food and how to stay away from the marketing of such food.

To Limit Junk Food Marketing

We believe that controlling unhealthy food marketing to attract children is one important strategy to minimise the chances of childhood obesity.

Promote Healthy food

We want our children to stay away from junk food, but why they would follow us? We need to educate them about the advantages of such food for their health.

Our Experienced Volunteers

Be a Junkbuster!

Join us to protect the health and future of children from the marketing strategies of junk food companies.

Our Patrons