Junk Food: The Problem
Children like Junk food is because it is quite appealing and usually have fantastic taste. And the reason why parents allow them is due to the convenience factor and the price tag.

But the parents overlook the seriousness of the problem and neglect the health consequences of the eating habits of their children.

Studies have found that regular consumption of junk food can be very addictive particularly for the children and can lead to complicated health issues like obesity, low self-esteem, chronic illness and even depression.Moreover, it can also make a negative impact on how the children perform in school and various extracurricular activities.

Say ‘No’ to Junk Food

Fat Free TV provide a valid reason why children should stay away from junk foods. Our professionals explain how it damages the physical and mental ability.

Consume Healthy Food

We promote the consumption of healthy food in Australia as we are making efforts to make this nation a healthy nation that is free form junk food.

Worst Foods to Eat

Promotion of

‘Junk Foods’

In today’s society, advertising is a common aspect. Where all the brands are making smart marketing strategies to sell their products, the junk food industry is not far behind. Studies have revealed that around 30% of advertisements showed during the television viewing hours of Australian Children are intended to influence children to go for unhealthy food products. Numerous fast food companies have precisely planned and created their commercials and advertisements in a way so that they can attract the children. The companies draw their attention through the use of bright, appealing colours, attractive offers, kid-friendly characters, and so on. Australia is a sports-loving country, so junk food companies target kids through advertisement in matches. They smartly place their logo in such places where it will be visible for 60 to 70% of the game time.

Come To Our Events

Fat Free TV conduct seminars at various places to spread awareness among children and their parents regarding the problem of junk foods. We discuss how advertisements are promoting unhealthy foods, misleading the facts and playing with the health of the Australian children. We organise these seminars in various places of Perth, Sydney, Queensland, etc. and always available for the concerned people.

What’s Wrong with Our Diet?
2 MAY 2019
  • 11.00 am
  • Happy Valley, Adelaide
7 MAY 2019
  • 11.56 am
  • Spring Hill, Brisbane
Our Objective
Fat Free TV has a clear objective, and that is to make Australia a healthy country.

We want our children to become fit and active! And this is only possible if we can educate them properly, and make them understand how junk food companies are making a profit by selling poison to that segment which is the future of the nation.

At the same time, we also need to educate the parents because the first lesson starts at home. To be precise, we have these four objectives.

To Educate Kids

We conduct seminars in different schools across Australia and teach the kids how junk food and make them unhealthy and weak.

To Educate Parents

We also conduct seminars for the parents and share valuable information with them. This gives them a clear picture of the role of junk foods.

To Protest against Junk Food

Countless advertisements and commercials are visible across different mediums. We believe it is our responsibility to clear the illusion they try to create.

To Promote Healthy food

Keeping our kids away from junk food we not help. We also need to educate them about the various benefits of vegetables and fruits at the same time.

How to Keep your Kids Away from Junk Food

When your kids are hungry, it is essential to have some healthy food at some easy-to-reach place. That’s is how they will start eating healthy food. And if they are full, they will not have a craving for any junk food.


Following yourself a healthy diet and convincing them to eat the same is not the complete way to keep the junk foods away from their life. Educate them about the side-effect of such food. Understand their curiosity and show them the ugly reality of junk foods.

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Do Want to Become A Volunteer?

Be one of us and participate in educating the young generation. Help them to stay healthy!