About Fat Free TV

How the Fat Free TV Guide works

  • Food products have a nutrition information panel to let us know how healthy they are, and we classify TV programs according to how appropriate their content is for children.  But what if we could rate TV shows according to the nutritional value of their food ads.  Then we could find out what food marketers were feeding our kids and make healthier TV choices. Now we can!

    The Fat Free TV Guide has classified over 100 popular TV shows according to the food ads they contain. The guide allows parents to choose which shows are less likely to end in pester power for junk

  • food and which will send them healthier messages about the foods we want them to eat.

    Simply choose a show from the list to see its Junk Rating, or enter in your child’s TV diet to see how many junk food ads are in the shows they’re watching.

    Did you know that some popular TV shows contain an average of nine junk food ads in a one hour episode? Doesn’t this make you think twice about the unhealthy influence of the ads in your child’s favourite show? Why not contact the network and demand Fat Free TV! You can also share Fat Free TV with


  • your friends on Facebook or Twitter, or join the many parents who have already

  • voiced their concern on the issue here.

  • 2 hours

    The maximum amount of time your child should spend in front of a screen (TV, computer) each day.
  • $58

    The amount overweight and obesity costs Australian taxpayers each year.