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  • And that increases their chance of getting certain cancers. What’s worse, there is currently no limit on how many junk food ads TV stations are allowed to feed our kids.

    Children are exposed to a huge number of ads for junk food everyday, from greasy fast food to sugary snack bars. Marketers say they are self-regulated and doing their bit to protect kids, but this is clearly not working. If it was then why would the average kid see so many junk food ads every single day?

  • What our kids eat now doesn’t just impact on the way they behave and how healthy they are today. It influences their lifelong eating habits. Overweight and obese kids are more likely to become overweight adults and those adults have an increased risk of developing cancers, heart disease and other serious health issues.

    Don’t like the amount of junk food ads your kids are watching? Fat Free TV helps parents reduce the amount of junk food ads our kids are exposed to in their favourite shows. So do the right thing by your kids and demand Fat Free TV!

How the site works

  • Fat Free TV is here to help parents understand just how much junk food advertising TV stations feed our kids.

    Pick a program and you’ll not only find out how many junk food ads are in popular TV shows, you’ll also see how much energy, saturated fat, sugar and sodium your kids would be getting if they ate one serve of everything they saw advertised in an average episode.

  • Check out the top 10 healthy shows and the top 10 fatty shows. See your child’s daily junk food ad intake by entering all the programs they watch in a day.

    Then, when you see the problem, you can choose healthier programs for your kids and tell other parents. You can also ask the TV stations to stop feeding our kids junk, and work towards making the next generation healthier.