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  • In a perfect world, kids wouldn’t be bombarded by junk food ads. A trip to the supermarket wouldn’t be a battle between parents and kids who want the latest snack or the free toy that was advertised during their favourite show. 

    Food ads influence kids’ food preferences and what they eat. Already one in four Australian kids are overweight or obese. Around 80 per cent of these kids will stay that way as adults, which increases their risk of heart disease, diabetes

  • and some cancers. In 2008 more than 30,000 cancer cases were linked to overweight and obesity.

    Parents have the right to know what TV is feeding their kids so that they can make the best decisions for their family. Fat Free TV does just that, showing you how much junk food is advertised during your favourite shows. So you can use the Fat Free TV guide to find out what your kids are consuming on TV and make healthier viewing choices.

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